Sayings on Music

Rabbi Nachman by Orly

A holy melody has the power to bring one to the level of prophecy. Music is the foundation of true attachment to God. (From Advice 'melody')

Music will make you happy and bring you to religious fervor. ( From the Aleph-Bet Book 'simcha')

When people dance and clap their hands the harsh judgements are sweetened. (From Advice 'simcha')

Music has a tremendous power to draw you to God. Get into the habit of always singing a tune. It will give you a new life and send joy into your soul. Then you will be able to bind yourself to God. It is especially good to sing on Shabbat and the festivals, and at a wedding celebration. (From Advice 'melody')

When a person achieves moral purity, his voice is also purified. Simply through hearing the sound of his voice singing, God sees which enemy is oppressing us - which of the seventy nations with their seventy languages. Then God saves us from trouble. When a harsh decree is passed against the Jews, God forbid, and one of the nations rises up against us, it is very good to sing the song or anthem of that nation. When our cries and singing are directed towards Heaven, it arouses God's love. He looks down upon us in our trouble and saves us from the people oppressing us.

The Rebbe said, "It is good to make a habit of inspiring yourself with a melody.
"There are great concepts included in each holy melody, and they can arouse your heart and draw it toward G-d.
"Even if you cannot sing well, you can still inspire yourself with a melody" sung to the best of your ability while alone at home. The loftiness of melody is beyond all measure."
The Rebbe's works contain towering lessons speaking of song. (759)
The Tale of the Seven Beggars (760) also alludes to the importance of melody. The unconscious princess is cured mainly through melody, through the ten categories of song. (761) Understand the depth of this.
The divine soul in every Jew is a princess - a king's daughter. She is weary and faint because of her sins. She is held captive by an evil king and is shot with ten poisonous arrows. Only a great Tzadik has the power to enter every place where the soul has fallen and remove all ten arrows from her. In order to heal her, he must be able to discern all ten types of pulsebeat. (762) He must know all ten categories of song, for her main cure is through melody and joy. (763) Taking this as a clue, you can understand the entire story. Use it as a means of returning to G-d in truth. "For the main thing is not study, but deeds". (764) (From Rabbi Nachman's wisdom paragraph 273 - translated from Sichot Haran by Rabbi Arye Kaplan)

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